Pugpig Bolt

The mobile engagement platform that uses content, curated social media and more to create highly addictive apps for brands.

What is it?

Bolt is a brand new product from Pugpig that will revolutionise the way you engage with your audience.

It allows you to build beautifully simple branded mobile apps that properly embrace the power of mobile and will have your audience hooked.

All you need is a brand that people relate to and enough stuff to keep them coming back for more.

Our unique widget framework allows you to curate a user experience from a selection of interactive elements, from articles, video and podcasts, to curated social media posts, to polls, events and so much more.

Each widget has its own way of interacting with your users, and our library of widgets will keep on growing.

And if you want us to create custom widgets just for you, we can do that too.

It drives engagement, loyalty, affinity and advocacy and creates a captive, known, high-value user base who you can talk to regularly (and monetise if applicable).

And it can be used to rapidly launch paid products, allowing you to better exploit all that content you've spent so much time creating.

It's aimed at time-poor individuals, who use their phones for short breaks throughout the day.

It's the first place your audience go to get their fix from your brand and It sits neatly alongside your other channels (social, web, events, apps).

It's powered by our Pugpig Express authoring system or can be fed straight from your own CMS.

And it comes with a rich set of analytics so you can measure what’s really working.

It’s mobile,

It’s fast,

It’s simple,

It’s engaging,

It’s habit-forming

Why Bolt?

There's nothing on the market quite like Bolt. You have the benefit of a cross-platform app framework that has everything you need to pull together a deeply compelling user experience, with the flexibility to create something truly unique that beautifully represents your brand.

With Bolt, you take advantage of our constantly evolving platform that will become more and more powerful over time. We do all the hard work so that you can concentrate on creating fantastic content to beguile and excite your audience!

How do I get going?

If you're taking our off the shelf product, there's really nothing to it as we do all the heavy lifting for you - you just have to tell us how you want your app configured and we'll do the rest.

All it takes is a matter of days - and setup and support are covered in your licence fees so you don't have to worry about hidden costs.

If you want to create your own Bolt widgets, we can do that too - just let us know what you need and we'll work it all out with you.

To find out more, or to try Bolt for size, just get in touch and we'll show you how it works and get you set up.

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